Comparative Studies in Society and History (CSSH) is a forum for new research and interpretation concerning problems of recurrent patterning and change in human societies through time and in the contemporary world. Now in its fifty-seventh year, CSSH sets up a working alliance among specialists in all branches of the social sciences and humanities. Review articles and discussions bring readers into touch with current findings and issues.


Current Issue

Volume 58 Number 1 January 2016

Editorial Foreword

Re-placing Jews

OREN KOSANSKY   When Jews Speak Arabic: Dialectology and Difference in Colonial Morocco

ESRA ÖZYÜREK   Export-Import Theory and the Racialization of Anti-Semitism: Turkish- and Arab-Only Prevention Programs in Germany

GENEVIÈVE ZUBRZYCKI   Nationalism, “Philosemitism,” and Symbolic Boundary-Making in Contemporary Poland

 Corrosive Politics

TOLGA U. ESMER   Notes on a Scandal: Transregional Networks of Violence, Gossip, and Imperial Sovereignty in the Late Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Empire

SARAH MUIR   On Historical Exhaustion: Argentine Critique in an Era of “Total Corruption”

 The Black Transoceanic

WYATT MAcGAFFEY   Constructing a Kongo Identity: Scholarship and Mythopoesis

ALEXANDER ROCKLIN   “A Hindu is white although he is black”: Hindu Alterity and the Performativity of Religion and Race between the United States and the Caribbean

 Bodies and Souls

KEVIN E. KO   The Anatomical Perspective: Epistemology and Ethics in a Colonial Missionary Clinic

 CSSH Discussion

PETER GESCHIERE   Witchcraft, Shamanism, and Nostalgia. A Review Essay

CSSH Notes

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