Comparative Studies in Society and History is a quarterly journal that serves as a forum for research and interpretation concerning problems of recurrent patterning and change in human societies. Now in its fifty-fourth year, CSSH sets up a working alliance among specialists in all branches of the social sciences and humanities.


Current Issue

Volume 56 Number 2 April 2014


Editorial Foreword

 Shared Pathways in U.S.-Soviet Relations

DAVID E. GREENSTEIN   Assembling Fordizm: The Production of Automobiles, Americans, and Bolsheviks in Detroit and Early Soviet Russia

OSCAR SANCHEZ-SIBONY   Capitalism’s Fellow Traveler: The Soviet Union, Bretton Woods, and the Cold War, 1944–1958

Scholars, Subjects, and the State

GREGGOR MATTSON   Nation-State-Science: Lappology and Sweden’s Ethnoracial Purity

RICHARD J. REID   Ghosts in the Academy: Historians and Historical Consciousness in the Making of Modern Uganda

JOSH BERSON   The Dialectal Tribe and the Doctrine of Continuity

(Moral) Order in the Court

PAOLO SARTORI   Constructing Colonial Legality in Russian Central Asia: On Guardianship

YÜKSEL SEZGIN and MIRJAM KÜNKLER   Regulation of “Religion” and the “Religious”: The Politics of Judicialization and Bureaucratization in India and Indonesia

PNINA WERBNER   “The Duty to Act Fairly”: Ethics, Legal Anthropology and Labor Justice in the Manual Workers Union of Botswana

MELISSA DEMIAN   On the Repugnance of Customary Law 

CSSH Discussion

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