Comparative Studies in Society and History (CSSH) is a forum for new research and interpretation concerning problems of recurrent patterning and change in human societies through time and in the contemporary world. Now in its fifty-seventh year, CSSH sets up a working alliance among specialists in all branches of the social sciences and humanities. Review articles and discussions bring readers into touch with current findings and issues.


Current Issue

Volume 58 Number 3 July 2016

Editorial Foreword

Travel Knowledge

ISMAIL FAJRIE ALATAS   The Poetics of Pilgrimage: Assembling Contemporary Indonesian Pilgrimage to Ḥaḍramawt, Yemen

CLAIRE EDINGTON and HANS POLS   Building Psychiatric Expertise across Southeast Asia: Study Trips, Site Visits, and Therapeutic Labor in French Indochina and the Dutch East Indies, 1898–1937

Sacred Politics and Politics of the Sacred

JUDITH BOVENSIEPEN and FREDERICO DELGADO ROSA   Transformations of the Sacred in East Timor

KIRI PARAMORE   Confucian Ritual and Sacred Kingship: Why the Emperors Did not Rule Japan

Colonial Sources of “Religious Violence”

MARK CONDOS   “Fanaticism” and the Politics of Resistance along the North-West Frontier of British India

JOSHUA SCHREIER   A Jewish Riot against Muslims: The Polemics of History in Late Colonial Algeria

Boundary-Work from Above and Below

MARCO GRDEŠIĆ   Serbia’s Anti-Bureaucratic Revolution as Manipulation? A Cultural Alternative to the Elite-Centric Approach

MALINI SUR   Battles for the Golden Grain: Paddy Soldiers and the Making of the Northeast India–East Pakistan Border, 1930–1970

CSSH Discussion

CSSH Notes

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