Comparative Studies in Society and History is a quarterly journal that serves as a forum for research and interpretation concerning problems of recurrent patterning and change in human societies. Now in its fifty-fourth year, CSSH sets up a working alliance among specialists in all branches of the social sciences and humanities.


Current Issue

Volume 56 Number 3 April 2014

Editorial Foreword

Comparatively Christian 

JOEL ROBBINS, BAMBI B. SCHIEFFELIN, and APARECIDA VILAÇA   Evangelical Conversion and the Transformation of the Self in Amazonia and Melanesia: Christianity and the Revival of Anthropological Comparison 

Tolerance, the Limited Good 

JEREMY MENCHIK   Productive Intolerance: Godly Nationalism in Indonesia 

CEREN ÖZGÜL   Legally Armenian: Tolerance, Conversion, and Name Change in Turkish Courts 

Other Buddhisms 

ROXANN PRAZNIAK   Ilkhanid Buddhism: Traces of a Passage in Eurasian History

KATHERINE BOWIE   The Saint with Indra’s Sword: Khruubaa Srivichai and Buddhist Millenarianism in Northern Thailand 

Marginal Resources and the State

LIPING WANG   State, Relational Governance, and Nomad Sedentarization: Land Reform in Inner Mongolia, 1900–1911

JIN SATO   Resource Politics and State-Society Relations: Why Are Certain States More Inclusive than Others? 

The Civics of Sorcery

VICTOR IGREJA   Memories of Violence, Cultural Transformations of Cannibals, and Indigenous State-Building in Post-Conflict Mozambique

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