Volume 59, #3 // July 2017

Editorial Foreword

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Articles in this Issue:

Materials of Absence and Presence 

H. Glenn Penny
Material Connections: German Schools, Things, and Soft Power in Argentina and Chile from the 1880s through the Interwar Period

Michael Meng
Monuments of Ruination in Postwar Berlin and Warsaw: The Architectural Projects of Bohdan Lachert and Daniel Libeskind

Incorporating Nature

Filipe Calvão
The Company Oracle: Corporate Security and Diviner-Detectives in Angola’s Diamond Mines

David Bond
Oil in the Caribbean: Refineries, Mangroves, and the Negative Ecologies of Crude Oil

Sovereignty and the Mythic

Bart Klem, Sidharthan Maunaguru
Insurgent Rule as Sovereign Mimicry and Mutation: Governance, Kingship, and Violence in Civil Wars

Alev Çinar, Hakki Taş
Politics of Nationhood and the Displacement of the Founding Moment: Contending Histories of the Turkish Nation

Persons, Things, Person-Things

Mischa Suter
Debt and Its Attachments: Collateral as an Object of Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Liberalism

Ceyda Karamursel
Transplanted Slavery, Contested Freedom, and Vernacularization of Rights in the Reform Era Ottoman Empire

Review Essay:

Matt Tomlinson, Christian Difference. A Review Essay