Authoritarianism and Trump

In his CSSH review essay, “On Authoritarianism,” Michael Meng investigates the history of authoritarianism and provides a comparative study of authoritarian regimes. In his reflections below, he turns his attention to the nature of current presidential politics in the United States. A number of historians have attempted to place Donald Trump’s presidency in historical perspective. Most…

January 2018

Congratulations to CSSH authors Keith Hart and Lara Deeb, and to CSSH editor Paul Christopher Johnson, on the publication of their new books.

Volume 60, #1 // January 2018

Theories have histories and spatial locations. Certain foci of anthropological or historical reflection are, unsurprisingly, beholden to specific regions: spirit possession and postcolonialism gathered in relation to Africa, and India; revolution, to France, the U.S., Haiti, and Russia; territoriality and spatial semiotics to indigenous groups of the Americas or Australia; “ethnic nationalism,” to Germany and Eastern Europe; creolization and transculturation, to the Caribbean. These geo-theoretical productions inflect and act recursively on and in the lives of social actors who inherit them in those sites, and who live in their sediment.

November 2017

Congratulations to CSSH author Alaina Lemon (51-4, “Sympathy for the Weary State?: Cold War Chronotophes and Moscow Others“) on the publication of her new book, Technologies for Intuition: Cold War Circles and Telepathic Rays. CSSH congratulates CSSH author Kyle Harper (54-4, “Culture, Nature, and History: The Case of Ancient Sexuality“) on the publication of his new…

October 2017

Congratulations to Anna M. Mirkova (CSSH 55-4, 2013, “‘Population Poliotics’ at the End of Empire: Migration and Sovereignty in Ottoman Eastern Rumelia“) on the publication of her new book, Muslim Land, Christian Labor: Transforming Ottoman Imperial Subjects into Bulgarian National Citizens, 1878-1939. Central European University Press, 2017

Volume 59, #4 // October 2017

Class structures define and constrain but, other than as a heuristic or second-order analytic, they never stand free and apart. Class is practiced—activated and embedded in everyday acts, in bodies and words as well as in institutions and regimes of rule and exchange.

August 2017

Google Scholar just released its new metrics for the year, and CSSH is ranked as #5 in History, and has an h5-index of 15. With all due modesty we at CSSH are proud of this accomplishment and thank our editors, managing editor, members of the editorial committee, consulting editors, authors and reviewers for all their…