Volume 59, #1 // January, 2017

Click here to download the editorial foreword. Archive/Materials. Carole McGranahan, Imperial but Not Colonial: Archival Truths, British India, and the Case of the “Naughty” Tibetans. Andrea Muehlebach, The Body of Solidarity: Heritage, Memory, and Materiality in Post-Industrial Italy. Breaking Frame. Lucia Carminati, Alexandria, 1898: Nodes, Networks, and Scales in Nineteenth-Century Egypt and the Mediterranean.

Volume 58, #4 // October, 2016

Click here to download the editorial foreword. Articles in this issue: Interstices, Margins, Borderlands. Alfred W. McCoy, Covert Netherworld: An Invisible Interstice in the Modern World System. Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar “We Suffered in our bones just like them”: Comparing Migrations at the Margins of Europe.