2020 Jack Goody Award

CSSH awards Jatin Dua the 2020 Jack Goody Prize for his superb essay, “Hijacked: Piracy and Economies of Protection in the Western Indian Ocean.” CSSH also recognizes Marvin Chochotte’s article, “Making Peasants Chèf: The Tonton Makout Militia and the Moral Politics of Terror in the Haitian Countryside during the Dictatorship of François Duvalier, 1957–1971,” with an Honorable Mention.

Volume 62, #3 // July 2020

The essays in this issue are grouped under the following rubrics: Icons of Racism and their Afterlives, Contamination and the Half-Life of History, and The Good Kill: Law, Ethics, Technique.

Understanding “Cultural Understanding”: Julie Gibbings and Jacob Tropp follow the concept from coffee plantations to Indian reservations, counterinsurgency campaigns, and the careers of international development experts

In our Spring 2020 issue, Julie Gibbings and Jacob Tropp guide us through several telling cases of cultural, or intercultural, understanding. Our editors saw “expediency” as a theme that unites the essays, but there are many others. Tropp and Gibbings tell us more.