Volume 58, #4 // October, 2016

Editorial Foreword

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Articles in this Issue

Interstices, Margins, Borderlands

Alfred W. McCoy
Covert Netherworld: An Invisible Interstice in the Modern World System

Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar
“We Suffered in our bones just like them”: Comparing Migrations at the Margins of Europe

David Henig
Crossing the Bosphorous: Connected Histories of “Other” Muslims in the Post-Imperial Borderlands of Southeast Europe

Islamic Moderns

Nadav Samin
Da’wa, Cynasty, and Destiny in the Arab Gulf

Nur Amali Ibrahim
Homophobic Muslims: Emerging Trends in Multireligious Singapore

Islamic Moderns

Raja Adal
Aesthetics and the End of the Mimetic Moment: The Introduction of Art Education in Modern Japanese and Egyptian Schools

Sayaka Chatani
The Ruralist Paradigm: Social Work Bureaucrats in Colonial Korea and Japan’s Assimilationism in the Interwar Period