In the Queue: Forthcoming Essays

unsplash-logoPaul Dufour

Photo courtesy of Paul Dufour via Unsplash.

THOMAS PREDERGAST The Sociological Idea of the State: Legal Education, Austrian Multinationalism, and the Future of Continental Empire, 1880–1914

JOSÉ HENRIQUE BORTOLUCI Brutalism and the People: Architectural Articulations of National Developmentalism in Mid-Twentieth-Century São Paulo

JACOB TROPP   “Intertribal” Development Strategies in the Global Cold War: Native American Models and Counterinsurgency in Southeast Asia

REPHAEL STERN   Legal Liminalities: Conflicting Jurisdictional Claims in the Transition from British Mandate Palestine to the State of Israel

JULIE GIBBINGS   “Their debts follow them into the afterlife”: German Settlers, Ethnographic Knowledge, and the Forging of Coffee Capitalism in Nineteenth-Century Guatemala

TIMOTHY P. A. COOPER   The Kaččā and the Pakkā: Disenchanting the Film Event in Pakistan

DANIEL MONTERESCU and ARIEL HANDEL   Terroir and Territory on the Colonial Frontier: Making New-Old World Wine in the Holy Land