In the Queue: Forthcoming Essays

unsplash-logoPaul Dufour

Photo courtesy of Paul Dufour via Unsplash.

LEOR HALEVI  Nationalist Spirits of Islamic Law after World War I: An Arab-Indian Battle of Fatwas over Alcohol, Purity, and Power

KEVIN LEWIS O’NEILL  The Unmaking of a Pedophilic Priest: Transnational Clerical Sexual Abuse in Guatemala

ALI SIPAHI  Deception and Violence in the Ottoman Empire: The People’s Theory of Crowd Behavior during the Hamidian Massacres of 1895

MYLES OSBORNE  “Mau Mau are Angels … Sent by Haile Selassie”: A Kenyan War in Jamaica

SAMUEL FURY CHILDS DALY   A Nation on Paper: Making a State in the Republic of Biafra

JAKE SUBRYAN RICHARDS   The Adjudication of Slave Ship Captures, Coercive Intervention, and Value Exchange in Comparative Atlantic Perspective, ca. 1839–1870

STACEY HYND  Small Warriors? Children and Youth in Colonial Insurgencies and Counterinsurgency, ca. 1945–1960

NARENDRA SUBRAMANIAN  From Bondage to Citizenship: A Comparison of African American and Indian Lower-Caste Mobilization in Two regions of Deep Inequality