In the Queue: Forthcoming Essays

unsplash-logoPaul Dufour

NITZAN SHOSHAN Hitler, for Example: Registers of National Socialist Exemplarity in Contemporary Germany

FRANCISCO FERRÁNDIZ Francisco Franco Is Back: The Contested Reemergence of a Fascist Moral Exemplar

ADAM REED   Sympathy for Oswald Mosley: Politics of Immersion and Historical Resemblance in the Moral Imagination of an English Literary Society

PAOLO HEYWOOD    Ordinary Exemplars: Manifesting “the Everyday” in the Birthplace of Fascism

HANNAH MALONE The Fallen Soldier as Fascist Exemplar: Military Cemeteries and Dead Heroes in Mussolini’s Italy

CAROLINE HUMPHREY The Slippages of Exemplary Action: The Case of Ataman Semenov

STEPHEN GUNDLE Mussolini between Hero-Worship and De-Mystification: Exemplary Anecdotes, Petite Histoire,and the Problem of Humanization

AGNIESZKA PASIEKA Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Pathways to Activism in Italian Far-Right Youth Communities

MICHAEL MENG Writing on Death: Plague Narratives: A Review Essay