In the Queue: Forthcoming Essays

unsplash-logoPaul Dufour

NITZAN SHOSHAN Hitler, for Example: Registers of National Socialist Exemplarity in Contemporary Germany

FRANCISCO FERRÁNDIZ Francisco Franco Is Back: The Contested Reemergence of a Fascist Moral Exemplar

ADAM REED   Sympathy for Oswald Mosley: Politics of Immersion and Historical Resemblance in the Moral Imagination of an English Literary Society

PAOLO HEYWOOD    Ordinary Exemplars: Manifesting “the Everyday” in the Birthplace of Fascism

HANNAH MALONE The Fallen Soldier as Fascist Exemplar: Military Cemeteries and Dead Heroes in Mussolini’s Italy

CAROLINE HUMPHREY The Slippages of Exemplary Action: The Case of Ataman Semenov

STEPHEN GUNDLE Mussolini between Hero-Worship and De-Mystification: Exemplary Anecdotes, Petite Histoire,and the Problem of Humanization

AGNIESZKA PASIEKA Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Pathways to Activism in Italian Far-Right Youth Communities

MICHAEL MENG Writing on Death: Plague Narratives: A Review Essay

RAFAEL DE BIVAR MARQUESE   A Tale of Two Coffee Colonies: Environment and Slavery in Suriname and Saint-Domingue, ca. 1750–1790

SARAH ABREVAYA STEIN  Botánica Sephardica

CHOON HWEE KOH  The Mystery of the Missing Horses: The Ottoman Postal System, Moonlighting Officials, and the Shadow Economy, 1690–1833

XIAOXING JIN   The Evolution of Social Darwinism in China, 1895–1930

KRISZTINA FEHÉRVÁRY   National Retro and the Re-mattering of History in Twenty-First Century Hungary

MICHAEL SNODGRASS   Dreams of Development in Mexico and Spain: A Comparative History of Guestworkers and Migration Diplomacy

EVGUENIA DAVIDOVA   Monarchism with a Human Face: Balkan Queens and the Social Politics of Nursing in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

GUY BURAK, E. NATALIE ROTHMAN, AND HEATHER FERGUSON   Towards Early Modern Archivality: The Perils of Comparative History in the Age of Neo-Eurocentrism

DEVIKA SHANKAR   A Slippery Sovereignty: International law and the Development of British Cochin

CATHERINE ALEXANDER The Simple Bare Necessities: The Practices, Rhetoric, Scales, and Paradoxes of Thrift on a London Public Housing Estate

GEOFFREY TRAUGH   Reading Rostow in a Rhodesian Prison: Anticolonialism and the Reinvention of Modernization in British Central Africa

HANS STEINMÜLLER   Sovereignty as Care: Acquaintances, Mutuality, and Scale in the Wa State of Myanmar

CAMILLE LYANS COLE   The Ottoman Model: Basra and the Making of Iranian Reform, 1881–1889

AARON ROCK-SINGER  The Rise of Islamic Society: Social Change, State Power and Historical Imagination

SARAH E. VAUGHN   Erosion by Design: Rethinking, Innovation, and Credibility in Guyana

ROGER CANALS AND CEL MUÑOZ  The Iconic Paths of La Verge de Monsterrat: A Comparative Approach from History and Anthropology

BARBARA METCALF   The Competent Muslim Woman’s Guide to Health in Thanawi’s Bihishtī Zēwa (1905)

ALICE RUDGE   Cultivating “Care”: Colonial Botany and the Moral Lives of Oil Palm at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

AARON G. JAKES Peaceful Wars and Unlikely Unions: The Azhar Strike of 1909 and the Politics
of Comparison in Egypt