In the Queue: Forthcoming Essays

unsplash-logoPaul Dufour

YANIV FELLER Whose Museum Is it? Jewish Museums and Indigenous Theory

COURTNEY BENDER Mrs. Rockefeller’s Exquisite Corpse

MARINA WELKER Indonesia’s Cigarette Culture Wars: Contesting Tobacco Regulations in the Postcolony

VERONIKA KUSUMARYATI Freeport and the States: Politics of Corporations and Contemporary Colonialism in West Papua

JOHN HIGGINSON Making Sense of “Senseless Violence”: Some Thoughts on Agrarian Elites and the Roots of Collective Violence during the “Reconstruction” Periods in the American South and South Africa

GERVASE PHILLIPS AND LAURA SANDY Slavery and the “American War of War” 1607-1861

DANNA AGMON Historical Gaps and Non-Existent Sources: The Case of the Chaudrie Court in French India

ZEHRA HASHMI Making Reliable Persons: Managing Descent and Genealogical Computation in Pakistan