In the Queue: Forthcoming Essays

unsplash-logoPaul Dufour

AARON G. JAKES Peaceful Wars and Unlikely Unions: The Azhar Strike of 1909 and the Politics
of Comparison in Egypt

MARTHA LAMPLAND The Illusion of Abstraction

TAMARA FERNANDO Mapping Oysters and Making Oceans in Indian Ocean Pearling 1889–1925

TOMÁS JOAQUIN BARTOLETTI Mining and Cartography in Minas Gerais: Circulation of Knowledge between
British and Habsburgian Imperial Spaces, ca. 1820–1850

JOSHUA RIGG “Why don’t I forgive? They didn’t ask for forgiveness!”: Manich Msamah and Tunisia’s
Politics of Unforgiveness

ANOUSH TAMAR SUNI Palimpsests of Violence: Ruination and the Afterlives of Genocide in

EILAT MAOZ Black Police Power: The Political Moment of the Jamaica Constabulary

GINA ANNE TAM   “Our Roots Are the Same”: Hegemony and Power in Narratives of Chinese Linguistic Antiquity, 1900–1949

KRISTIN FORINGER Defining Post-Conflict Victimhood: The Political Construction of a “Victim”
Category in Colombia’s Congress, 2007-2011


CAROLINE FORD The Environmental Transformation of “Empty Space”: From Desert to Forest in
the Landes of Southwestern France

NANA OSEI-OPARE Ghana and Nkrumah Revisited: Lenin, State Capitalism, and Black Marxist

ROBERTA BIVINS Pilot Programs and Postcolonial Pivots: Pioneering “DNA Fingerprinting” on
Britain’s Borders

ALI-REZA BHOJANI and MORGAN CLARKE Religious Authority beyond Domination and Discipline:
Epistemic Authority and Its Vernacular Uses in the Shi‘i Diaspora

SARAH BALAKRISHNAN   Prison of the Womb: Gender, Incarceration and Capitalism on the Gold Coast of West Africa, ca. 1500–1957

FARZIN VEJDAN   Branded Bodies: Judicial Torture, Punishment, and Infamy in Nineteenth-Century Iran

KEVIN DONOVAN  Uhuru Sasa! Federal Futures and Liminal Sovereignty in Decolonizing East Africa